“I just wanted to reiterate my comments about what a pleasure it has been working with the Switch team. In particular Lesley McVay and Glen Spangler have been phenomenal. They continue to meet or beat their commitments, are very responsive and have helped to keep our project on-track.

But that’s not all, while I don’t know all the NOC and Security folks, from what little I have seen and heard they too are helpful, friendly and all about customer service; you can ‘feel’ it in the way they respond and their willingness to help you get your work done.

Kudos to Team Switch!!!!”

– Amgen, 179 cabinets

"Nothing in the world comes remotely close to Switch. The Switch leaders are the only people that have actually sat down, in the last 20 years, and thought through what a data center needs to look like to meet today’s needs."

– Joyent, 30 cabinets

"A big thank you to Switch and the staff that helped our team accomplish the server relocation. The Switch staff has been exceptionally helpful and professional throughout the process. The SUPERNAP site is everything we hoped for in terms of facilities and services. Everyone at SCAG can sleep a little better at night knowing the equipment is in the SUPERNAP."

– SCAG, 10 cabinets

"incredible business partner"

"The Switch team and the facility have gone above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined a data center offering. I wanted to say thank you for the amazing experience that Switch has provided. We are truly fortunate to have found such an incredible business partner."

– Living Spaces, 4 cabinets

"by far the best data center"

"I want to express our high level of satisfaction of the SUPERNAP data center both on the impressiveness of the facility and the professionalism of the team members, from every department that we have engaged with to date. The SUPERNAP is by far the best data center. Given what Switch can offer, our company has plans to expand our footprint in the SUPERNAP. Thank you Switch."

– AppleOne, 3 cabinet

"A big thank you to the Switch team. As usual, the entire team came through with great customer service."

– LADWP, 40 cabinets

"The Switch team rocks. A+ in my book."

–, 3 cabinets

"I’m sure you guys have heard this a million times before, but you guys run a top notch organization and I am glad we went with you guys when choosing data centers."

– Lionsgate, 5 cabinets

"Feedback from the McAfee team was very positive as it relates to Switch. Please pass along our thanks for their support before, during, and after the installation.”

– McAfee, 105 cabinets

“Colocating with Switch has allowed us to focus more on growing our business and less on operation and environmental controls. They have it covered.”

- Hakkasan, 2 cabinets

"Tangerine Global is proud to have Switch as our hosting facility and partner. The Switch “Uptime Guarantee” provides a solid foundation for the service level commitment that we make to our demanding customers ranging from the largest Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip to Telco and Cable Operators across America. The “State of the art facility” is impressive, efficient and cost effective. Switch is the only facility and partner we would trust to originate our Tangerine Global solutions, which streams thousands of video channels and on-demand content to tens of thousands of televisions and mobile devices!"

– Tangerine Global, 4 cabinets

"Everything with Switch has been working as expected or better. Thank you again to Switch for the incredible service."

– Zuffa, 7 cabinets

"The Switch team has done a fantastic job of on-boarding our company. I am impressed by all the legwork completed by the Switch team for a one-cabinet customer. Fantastic is all I have to say. Thank you for all the effort to help our company hit the install date."

– BigCartel, 1 cabinet

"Thank you. I really appreciate the work you do for Citrix on an ongoing basis. Switch is the best in the business and sets the standard in data center service."

– Citrix, 20 cabinets

"Please pass along our thanks to the Switch team members for the great support they provided in getting our newest space into production. The Switch team was able to meet the aggressive time line to enable our team to meet the needs of our business. We appreciate the outstanding support."

– Webtrends, 12 cabinets

"The SUPERNAP operation and facility is the best I have ever seen, and I have been in a fair number of data center facilities. You made the decision to engage with your organization a very easy one."

– Qualcomm, 116 cabinets

"We’re wrapping up our first trip tonight and I wanted to say thanks for all the help this week. You made our first deployment at the SUPERNAP a pleasant experience and made it all look too easy. We are already looking forward to coming back for the next round of gear."

– Bungie, 62 cabinets

“Switch built a better mousetrap than any other data center company. Their patents and smart building designs allow deployment in a Tier IV Gold environment at Tier III prices, as well as access to a wealth of media companies already present at Switch. Switch introduced us to several cloud providers in their ecosystem and helped us build our own private cloud environment while making the process of cross-connecting with our media customers inside and outside of Switch easy and painless. Additionally, Switch provided us with low-cost, high-availability connectivity to the Internet via the SUPERNAP CORE Cooperative, enabling us to reliably deliver processed media to multiple CDNs. We successfully delivered some of the world’s largest online live events including the Olympics and the Super Bowl. Switch was there for us along the way making sure we had all the right resources and scalable infrastructure that adapted to our needs. More than anything, Switch continues to be a great partner to us, helping us grow our business. It would be hard to achieve the success we have had over the years without having access to the Switch team and the resources in their ecosystem!”

- iStreamPlanet, 13 cabinets

"Switch’s Facilities Operations team is beyond phenomenal. They helped us with all the moves today and I couldn’t have been more impressed. Their communication, process, efficiency, speed and teamwork, helped us not only get the work done safely, but an hour ahead of schedule which was beyond our expectation. Switch really has a stellar team and I’m very thankful for all their support in fulfilling our requests."

– Sony, 340 cabinet

Thank You Switch

"Thank you, Switch, for being the most awesome data center on the planet! We love you guys!"

- MBS, Inc., 1 cabinet

"Our experience at the SUPERNAP was extremely successful, from start to finish. The Switch team was incredibly responsive to anything we needed and we were impressed with the staff as they were informed, responsive and friendly. Not only is the facility itself extremely impressive, but the on site staff is second to none. We are enamored to be a part of the Switch community and look forward to a longstanding partnership."

– Creative Artist Agency, 6 cabinets

"Thank you for completing our recent orders so quickly. We appreciate the continued support by the Switch team and every day it is reaffirmed that we made the right decision moving our systems into the SUPERNAP."

– Charlotte Russe, 10 cabinets

"Thank you to the Switch team for all the help, assistance and words of wisdom. We are looking forward to working together."

– Fujifilm, 5 cabinets

"Awesome. As always, Switch is the best."

–, 20 cabinets

"Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much we appreciate all your help with our deployment in your facility. We completed the turn up this past Friday. The SUPERNAP is a beautiful facility and everyone from Security, the NOC and Shipping/Receiving were very professional and courteous. I was very impressed and it was a pleasure working with them."

– TW Cable, 36 cabinets

"Switch is a great data center partner. The world-class data center is matched by world-class service and the dedication of their people. The creativity and responsiveness in partnering with our company to quickly address customer needs, from big data sets to compliance, are second to none. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership with Switch."

– Profitbricks, 19 cabinets

"We worked with a Switch technician on our network configuration and this individual provided great customer service and went above and beyond to get our redundant configuration working properly."

– Zynx Health, 1 cabinet

"I appreciate the great customer service and what the Switch team members do above and beyond the call of duty."

– SBWH, 4 cabinets

"Thank you for such a quick response. The Switch team is the best."

– Abovenet, 2 cabinets

"We successfully moved an entire data center"

"Just wanted to take a minute to thank you and the entire Switch team for making our transition to colocation such a great experience. Everyone we worked with was professional, very responsive, and extremely accommodating of our very tight schedule. We successfully moved an entire data center in 10 weeks, start to finish, which I personally did not believe could be accomplished. Scott and Joe worked overtime to get one of the telco vendors to line up and hit our schedule, which they would have missed had they been given their own leash. Lesley and her team were johnny-on-the-spot anytime we needed equipment or assistance getting things for our cage, and had everything installed exactly like they said they would during our kick-off meeting. The Security team was professional and accommodating throughout our entire migration while we were on site, and the NOC staff was always there, even delivering directly to our cage when we needed additional supplies.

It is a tremendous relief to find such a competent business to partner with. Switch has eliminated our need to concern ourselves with anything related to data center, and we can now focus on bringing higher level value to Inphi’s engineering process by focusing on our core business instead of managing data center processes and facilities issues. We are very pleased with how smoothly the migration into the SUPERNAP went, so thank you for making this such a great experience for us."

– Inphi, 40 cabinet

"Lumeris has been extremely happy with the services that Switch has provided, and has been impressed with the delivery of the communications services in particular. We are rapidly expanding, and will soon be looking to occupy more space within the SUPERNAP."

– Lumeris, 10 cabinets

"Thank you to the Switch team for the awesome job caring for our large delivery. Our first impression of SUPERNAP has been great."

– CafePress, 20 cabinets

"truly impressive"

"Your facility is truly Data Center I’ve ever toured and I’ve been to quite a few around the globe. Really well designed for high density, redundancy, and highly secure."

– MSCI, 125 cabinets

"I was very impressed by the immense detail that went into the layout, modular design and power delivery of the Switch data center. When you couple that with the obvious attention to detail by Switch operations and security I was very comfortable placing my company's equipment with Switch versus competitors I was considering. The last three years have only served to confirm this decision."

– FEDChex, half cabinet

"We chose Switch due to the state-of-the-art design and the excellence in data center management.

Whether it be in areas of operational efficiency, security, or compliance; Switch has consistently demonstrated a higher standard for data center services which made the decision to host our services in Supernap an easy one."

– Donuts, Inc., 12 cabinets

"Switch has provided Anexeon with great service, incredible value and solid performance with zero downtime for over 15 years! It is truly the best product at the best price – and we highly recommend Switch to other clients."

- Anexeon LLC, 1 cabinet


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